Lemon sharks are a thoughtful breed of fish. Though naturally powerful, they have excellent eyesight are more tactical and calculating than ruthless.
They know their environment, their prey and their chances - diving up to 1,300 feet to feed.
Sensibly, they target the slower and easier dinner first, taking fewer risks than the average shark. Not that they're afraid of a bigger fight when necessary.
They have a direct and speedy method of attack and tend to operate alone, but they can still do social when the occasion calls for it.
You won't be surprised that we share some of the lemon shark's traits.
We are a rare breed of search engine marketer. We take a strategic and thoughtful approach to not just the what and the how, but also the why and the when.
Digital marketing is a game we know inside out and have played successfully for several years.
We know how to dive deep into a project, while still targeting the low-hanging fruit for an early payoff.
If you're keen do do better online and have the budget to invest in quality, why not drop us an email?
Mart, Head Shark